Tranquility and Beauty – Lotus Pond


Watercolor 11” x 7.5″ No Frame

By the lotus pond, serene and fair,
A gentle breeze whispers through the air,
Little bird, in stillness, gaze afar, While lotus pod bow beneath, beneath it is.
Amongst the leaves, the lotus flowers bloom, Radiant hues dispel any gloom,
Time’s languid pace, it begins to flow,
As stillness settles, tranquility starts to glow.

The air, enchanted, frozen in its flight,
In this moment, perfection takes its height,
A tableau of serenity, calm and pure,
Oh, the beauty this stillness does secure.

In the realm of Buddhist practice, stillness and slowness are recurring motifs. The Buddha aspires for sentient beings to reach a state of selflessness, where they are liberated from the entanglements of personal gains and losses, and instead direct their focus towards the vastness of the world. By slowing down our pace, seeking solace in tranquility, we can truly savor the sweetness and beauty of life. As the wise ancients of China once proclaimed, “Beauty is akin to sweetness.” Beauty possesses the essence of delightful flavor.

小鸟静静地凝视远方, 鸟儿足下莲蓬也低下了头
莲花在绿叶间盛开, 绚丽的色彩驱散一切阴霾,


在佛家的修行里,静和慢是不变的主题。佛陀希望众生达到无我的状态,这样才不会纠结自我得失,而专注于大千世界。放慢脚步,静中求乐,体会生活的甘甜和美丽。 如中国古人所说,” 美者甘也。“ 美丽是甜美的味道。

Tranquility and beauty - lotus pond by Fan Stanbrough
Tranquility and beauty – lotus pond by Fan Stanbrough

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