Snow Day in Ashland State Park


Watercolor 18” x 12″, Signed, no frame

Having lived in the Boston area for over 15 years, I’ve become accustomed to the frequent snowfall during winter. Despite the occasional inconvenience it brings, every walk through the woods never fails to astonish me with the beauty nature crafts. In those moments, time seems to stand still — everything is quiet, peaceful, and breathtakingly beautiful. A profound sense of joy wells up from deep within my heart, a sensation we often describe as happiness. 😉

As the world grows warmer and winters feel shorter, I find myself compelled to capture these scenes on paper, preserving them beyond the confines of my memory. Memories may fade, but a painting remains, a tangible reminder of life’s exquisite moments. To me, that is what life is truly about.


Snow Day in Ashland State Park by Fan Stanbrough
Snow Day in Ashland State Park by Fan Stanbrough

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