Bird and Flower Watercolor Painting


Watercolor 11” x 7.5″ No Frame

Bird and flower painting is a traditional genre of Chinese art that combines depictions of birds and flowers in a single composition. This style of painting has a long history in Chinese art, dating back to ancient times. It often embodies the essence of Chinese philosophy and aesthetics, emphasizing harmony with nature, simplicity, and the expression of emotions.

In this type of painting, birds and flowers are typically the main subjects, with careful attention paid to their forms, colors, and interactions. The bird and flower motifs are often used symbolically to convey various meanings, such as virtue, beauty, freedom, and fidelity.

I enjoy painting with bird and flower themes, but I believe I have a stronger affinity for calligraphy. As a reflection of this preference, I’ve incorporated the poem “到处皆诗境,随时有物华” which translates to “Everywhere is a poetic realm, and at any moment, there are splendid things.”

This poem is sourced from “Ling Mei” a piece by Zhang Daoqia from the Song Dynasty.

Bird and Flower Watercolor Painting by Fan Stanbrough
Bird and Flower Watercolor Painting by Fan Stanbrough

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