Flowers in My Mind


Watercolor 11” x 7.5″ No Frame

I believe my yearning for spring has become overwhelmingly intense. During these cold days, as I await the arrival of spring, I find myself often painting the blossoming of cherry trees. Now, in early April in Boston, as I gaze out the window at the falling snowflakes and observe the Forsythia battling the cold wind, their vibrant yellow flowers strive valiantly to open, casting a bright spot amid the gloomy surroundings. I look upon them with gratitude, yet my brush continues to depict the cherry blossoms. Perhaps I should allocate some time to dedicate a piece to the Forsythia. Maybe next time. My apologies, Forsythia.

Regarding the Chinese poem: ‘我本将心向明月,奈何明月照沟渠,’ it translates to ‘I originally directed my heart towards the bright moon, but alas, the bright moon illuminates the ditch.’ This line poignantly expresses how one’s intentions or affections, aimed towards something lofty or ideal, confront the harsh light of reality, illuminating instead something far less desirable. This contrast between idealistic aspirations and less-than-ideal outcomes seems all too familiar in our lives.

Flowers in My Mind by Fan Stanbrough
Flowers in My Mind by Fan Stanbrough

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