Cranes And Pine – Ming Dynasty Lin Liang (明代林良 松鹤图)


Watercolor 18” x 12″, Signed, no frame

“Cranes and Pine” is a famous painting from the Ming Dynasty of China, created by the artist Lin Liang (林良), can be referred to as “松鹤图” (Sōng Hè Tú) or “松鶴圖” in traditional Chinese characters. Lin Liang was a renowned painter during the Ming Dynasty, known for his skillful depiction of nature and wildlife. “Cranes and Pine” is a classic example of traditional Chinese landscape painting.

In this painting, Lin Liang combines two symbolic elements commonly found in Chinese art: cranes and pine trees. Cranes are considered symbols of longevity and immortality in Chinese culture, while pine trees represent resilience and strength because they remain green throughout the year, even in harsh conditions. The combination of these elements conveys a sense of harmony with nature and a wish for a long and prosperous life.

The painting typically features cranes gracefully standing amidst a backdrop of towering pine trees. Lin Liang’s mastery of brushwork and attention to detail is evident in the delicate rendering of the cranes’ feathers and the texture of the pine needles. The composition of “Cranes and Pine” is often balanced and harmonious, reflecting the traditional Chinese aesthetics of balance and harmony in nature.

This painting, like many other Ming Dynasty artworks, is treasured for its beauty and cultural significance. It embodies the traditional Chinese values of reverence for nature, longevity, and the pursuit of a harmonious life. “Cranes and Pine” by Lin Liang remains an enduring masterpiece that continues to inspire and captivate art enthusiasts and scholars to this day.

It is signed and sealed with my seals (name and dragon).

Cranes And Pine - Ming Dynasty Lin Liang (明代林良 松鹤图)by Fan Stanbrough
Cranes And Pine – Ming Dynasty Lin Liang (明代林良 松鹤图)by Fan Stanbrough
Cranes And Pine - Ming Dynasty Lin Liang (明代林良 松鹤图)by Fan Stanbrough
Cranes And Pine – Ming Dynasty Lin Liang (明代林良 松鹤图)by Fan Stanbrough





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