We are Always Together


Watercolor 11” x 15″ No Frame

Compassion is something we often talk about, but we rarely comprehend the thoughts that went through someone’s mind during difficult times. When I saw this photo on the news, it depicted a devastating incident that occurred in a regular family in Ukraine. Nothing was left except for a young girl holding her cat. All their material possessions were gone, and yet, in the face of such adversity, her expression remained peaceful and beautiful as she gazed at her cat in her arms. It seemed as if she were saying, ‘Don’t worry, you have me. We will always be together.’ The little cat appeared nervous and scared.

My tears and anger welled up simultaneously. Feeling powerless, I turned to painting as an artist, as it is the best way for me to express my emotions. If my painting can, in some small way, bring about even the slightest change, it brings me happiness.

All purchases of the Ukrainian-themed paints on the site will be donated to charity.

We are Always Together watercolor painting by Fan Stanbrough
We are Always Together watercolor painting by Fan Stanbrough

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