Living like a child

Watercolor 11” x 15″ No Frame

When I was designing a website for my client, she included a picture of her child. It was a photo of a little boy playing on the beach. The photo exudes joy and happiness, and I can feel it. I was immediately captivated by this photo and decided to draw it.

Growing up is a journey that teaches us about life. We have learned a lot and experienced loss along the way. We can no longer live as carefree as children do. However, it’s important to remind ourselves to smile at others, not be afraid to try new things, not work too hard, take time to play, be creative, and think positively. These are all wonderful qualities we used to possess as children but may have lost as we grew up.

Living like a child is my motto, and I strive to live by it every day.

This is a watercolor painting. I gave it to my client as a gift, she loved it.

Living like a child
Living like a child


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