Taking Advantage of Youth, Writing Poetry and Drinking “诗酒趁年华”


Watercolor, 9″ x 11″, no frame

This is a watercolor reproduction of an ukiyo-e wood block print of a kabuki actor combined with this Song dynasty era Chinese poem. I liked the colors and expressiveness of this print and thought it fit well with the sentiments of the poem. I find the calligraphy, the painting and the poem to be complementary. What do you think?

“诗酒趁年华: 醉里且贪欢笑,要愁那得工夫”

“Taking Advantage of Youth, Writing Poetry and Drinking: Laugh and enjoy the moment when you are drunk and have no time to worry about your troubles.”

Ukiyo-e meets Chinese poetry

Kabuki actor ukiyo-e reproduction
Ukiyo-e meets Chinese poetry


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