Pinch Pot


3.5″ x 3.5″ x 3.5″, air-dry clay

A pinch pot is a simple form of hand-made pottery produced from ancient times to the present. The pinching method is to create pottery that can be ornamental or functional, and has been widely employed across cultures.

Simple clay vessels such as bowls and cups of various sizes can be formed and shaped by hand using a methodical pinching process in which the clay walls are thinned by pinching them with thumb and forefinger. It is a basic pot making method often taught to young children or beginners.

The process begins with a ball of clay. Thumbs are pushed into the center, and then rudimentary walls are created by pinching and turning the pot. The pot is then pushed on a flat surface to create a flat surface, thereby creating the base. A base can be made by rolling three coils and pressing them together, and then onto the bottom of the pot. Pinched, compressed clay may also be used as a base for building coil pots. The base of the pot is less prone to cracking when formed this way. (Wikipedia)

Pottery clay requires to be hardened at high temperatures. I used air-dry clay instead. It took a week, the pot was totally dry at room temperature. Then I painted it with acrylic paint and gold color.

Pinch Pot by Fan Stanbrough
Pinch Pot by Fan Stanbrough
Pinch Pot by Fan Stanbrough
Pinch Pot by Fan Stanbrough

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