Helpless Eyes


Oil painting canvas size 16″ x 20″

The woman was injured after Russia bombed her country. I saw this photo on the news and was speechless. Filled with anger that had nowhere to go, I created this oil painting.

When I saw those helpless and numb eyes, I realized that no matter how much we promote modern civilization and technological progress, history is simply repeating itself in a foolish manner. As Buddha said, ‘One flower, one world; one leaf, one Tathagata.’ Every individual who sacrificed in this process, even if they tried their best to live their one good life, could not resist fate. Eventually, they would blend into the vastness of the sea like a water droplet.

Although I always believe in the future and am not a pessimist. Don’t be a silent majority. Even small steps towards progress can bring a sense of strength and hope.

Helpless Eyes
Helpless Eyes

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