Fan Stanbrough

A full time web designer and part time artist.

Working on my art projects is the best way to calm my busy and intense moods. I am pulled in so many directions — Bead Making, Bonsai, Ceramics, Fabric Crafts, Greeting Cards, Paper Arts, Polymer Clay Making, Stone Carving, Wood Painting and Carving, and much more. I love painting still more. It can bring me away from computer work temporarily — the web design work that supports me. I learned to be patient working on art projects over many weekends and never want to rush them.

I have admired Japanese art since my early career in a Japanese company as a ceramic designer. This passion grows stronger all the time. I follow the precepts and philosophy of the Japanese Wabi Sabi style. I can be easily touched by ancient, natural, rough, imperfect things; modern and flawless is not my taste. My Wabi Sabi philosophy strongly influences my painting and Chinese calligraphy.

As a web designer, I designed lots of websites for other artists to show their work to the world. Now I finally can make a website for myself, hopefully I can meet people with similar interests through this site. Drop me a line if you have any questions.

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